Welcome to Endiness, the Land of Dragoons!

Update: May 26, 2023

Good tidings~!

thelegendofdragoon.net is no longer being maintained so I, a fan of The Legend of Dragoon who's thankful for the site's helpful content, decided to copy the site over to a new host.

All credit due to the original creator (Malk/lilly-cakes). I kept almost all of the original text by the original author, so "I" does not refer to me except for the Contact page.

A complete rework would be nice - making it modern and adding more content including archiving everything related to this wonderful game - but it is not a high priority for me.

There is a main fansite https://legendofdragoon.org ran by the largest TLoD fan community. Join the Discord server!

Bruce ∞ Lavitz

P.S. Find me here on Spacehey, Neocities (soon), Twitter, or or on my website (soon)!

Site Map

  • Introduction - About the game and this site, also gets you back to the front page
  • Story - A brief synopsis of the prologue and all four chapters. Includes script
  • Characters - Bios and information about the characters in Legend of Dragoon
  • Game Help - Everything you need for a quick hint or two...or an entire walkthrough
  • Printables - Contains the same information as Game Help, only in printer-friendly format
  • Media - Music, videos, and voice clips
  • Etc. - Stuff that doesn't fit in the other categories

Original website thelegendofdragoon.net by lilly-cakes